Why isn't my movie listed online?

There are two main possibilities.

1.) Your CMF Finale hasn't happened yet. All CMF movies are made private on both YouTube and our website until the night of your CMF Finale.
2.) You might have forgotten a step in your movie's CMF Workbook. Click sign in at the top of this page, login to your CMF account, then find your current movie in the list to the right of the page. Click on your film, address any red !'s and make sure all the listed steps have a green checkmark next to them. Finally, click the "Submit Workbook" step and choose "Yes" and click "Update." From there you should be directed to your movie's viewer page and your movie should appear online. If not, please shoot us an email at support@campusmoviefest.com letting us know your school name, team name, movie name, and your issue.

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